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Connections UK 2018

Connections at KCL

Dates. The 2018 dates are 04 to 06 September 2018.

Location. King's College, London.

How to book a place: Tickets are available through King's College, London, from 01 Jun 18: Click here to book a place.

Cost: The cost of Connections UK is 60 for the Megagame/Introduction to Wargaming and 135 for the main 2 days of the Conference. Connections UK is not for profit; the cost covers food, coffee and administration,

Programme. The updated 06 Aug 18 programme is as follows:
  • Day 1. Tuesday 4 September
    • The programme includes Lunch from 1300hrs to 1400hrs, and Supper from 1800hrs to 1900hrs.
    • Introduction to wargaming for newcomers. This will be a day long course, interleaving example games and presentations:
      • Introduction: Why Wargame?
      • Example Game: Tactical Kriegsspiel.
      • Types of Wargame.
      • Example Game: COTS Game.
      • Wargaming Effects.
      • Example Game: Matrix Game.
      • Concluding Discussion.
    • Megagame. This will be an all day, almost all participant, engaging and fun ice-breaker on a contemporary topic.
    • Component production. An informal evening session.
  • Day 2. Wednesday 5 September
    • Introduction. Relating the conference to the MOD Wargaming Handbook.
    • Design. Matt Caffrey.
      • Dilemmas and Trade-Offs in wargame design. Phil Sabin.
      • Game Design as a form of Journalism. Brian Train.
      • Working within design constraints. Anna Nettleship.
    • Development. Graham Longley-Brown.
      • Analysis in experimentation wargaming. Dr Nigel Paling, and Col Dickie Taylor.
      • Developing the KCL Crisis Simulation. Nick Reynolds.
      • Developing a High North nested games family. Dave Manley and Jeremy Smith.
      • Model calibration. Volko Ruhnke.
    • Games Fair Introduction. Phil Sabin.
    • Lunch.
    • Games Fair session 1.
    • Keynote address. Wargames and systems thinking - Volko Ruhnke and Creativity in game design and mechanics - Brian Train. Award winning authors of the acclaimed COIN Series of games.
    • Supper.
    • Games Fair session 2.
  • Day 3. Thursday 6 September
    • Execution. Howard Body.
      • Play as Pedagogy. Aggie Hirst
      • Wargaming case study: 'Cheese, butter & milk powder'. Erik Elgersma.
      • Empowering Defense wargaming through automation. Dr Karl Selke.
    • Validation. Brian Train.
      • Selecting, playing and assessing a COTS wargame (A Distant Plain). Lt Col Neil Stevens.
      • Wargaming and reality: a case study of the Ukraine conflict. John Curry.
    • Refinement. Graham Longley-Brown
      • Making wargames better.
      • Sharing best practice.
    • Wargaming lessons identified; a Senior Officer's perspective. Lt Gen (Retd) Sir David Capewell.
    • Lunch.
    • Analysis. Colin Marston.
      • US/DoD analysis best and worst practice. NPS.
      • Designing analytical wargames with a view to successful data capture, management and analysis. Peter Williams.
      • In the eye of the beholder? Cognitive challenges in wargame analysis. Rex Brynen.
    • Facilitation. A hands-on learning experience. Rex Brynen, Jim Wallman, Tom Mouat and Paul Strong.
Disclaimer: While we make every effort to ensure the programme takes place as listed, many of the participants are working for Government Agencies. Occasionally higher priority work might prevent them attending - like war, natural disaster, election interference, etc. We are sorry if that happens (on so many levels).

 Guidance for Speakers

Guidelines: The aim and purpose of Connections UK is to help bring together two main audiences: People that have something to say about wargaming in order to help build / generate / broaden the community; and People that want to use wargaming to help understanding in order to find out if it is appropriate for their needs. You are therefore asked to note:
  • Wargaming is mainstream.  To this end, we don't need to waste any time on justifying our existence or apologising for ourselves. All the delegates attending a "professional wargaming conference" should know what they are getting themselves into (and if they aren't, they should be). Let's just assume that they are and you can spend more time concentrating on your area of expertise.
  • Timings are tight.  We will follow the usual format of introducing the speaker, you talking for the time allocated in the programme, and allowing time for questions in the session. Please don't overrun as it simply messes up the programme for everyone else.
  • Do not advertise.  It would be remiss to not mention that the cardinal sin for a presenter is to give a thinly veiled advertising slot for your sponsor's products or services. The delegates want to be informed and educated about Wargaming ways, means and methods - you are the expert so please concentrate on these. If any delegate wants more commercial information, they can speak to you afterwards. Please include your sponsor's details in a slide at the beginning or the end, but no organisation diagrams or other company details that have nothing to do with the topic.
  • Making Changes.  We understand that you are likely to have to make changes to your presentation. This is completely acceptable, and new versions can be sent at any time up to and including the event date.
  • Conference Proceedings.  There will be an audio recording and a PDF copy of your presentation (but not questions) placed on the Connections UK website following the conference, except in the case of Senior Government Officials. You have been invited on the basis that this is acceptable - the clue is in the title "Connections" - we are trying to share information and best practice with each other.
  • PowerPoint Screen Ratio.  The audio-visual equipment at King's College is top-notch. We can connect to your laptop with HDMI or VGA cables, and display presentations in either Standard 4:3 or Widescreen 16:9 ratios.
If you have any questions, please contact the organisers here.

 Guidance for Attendees

Privacy/Security:  As part of the Connections UK conference proceedings, photographs of the event will be put on the website. The assumption is that the minimal amount of data you choose to put on your name badge, linked to a photograph in the conference context, does not amount to the definition of "personal data" under GDPR. If you do not wish to have your photo used in this way, you MUST make it known to the organisers - in that case, we will provide stickers for your name badge and brief participants that your photographs are not to be used.