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Connections UK 2018

Connections at KCL

Dates. The 2018 dates are 04 to 06 September 2018.

Location. King's College, London.

How to book a place: Tickets will be available through King's College, London. A link will be posted here when the bookings go live.

Cost: The cost of Connections UK is 60 for the Megagame/Introduction to Wargaming and 135 for the main 2 days of the Conference. Connections UK is not for profit; the cost covers food, coffee and administration,

Programme. The draft programme is as follows:
  • Day 1. Tuesday 4 September
    • Introduction to wargaming for newcomers. This will be a day long course, interleaving example games and presentations.
    • Megagame. This will be an all day, almost all participant, engaging and fun ice-breaker on a contemporary topic.
    • Component production. An informal evening session.
  • Day 2. Wednesday 5 September
    • Introduction. Relating the conference to the MOD Wargaming Handbook.
    • Design.
      • Dilemmas and Trade-Offs in wargame design.
      • Serious wargame design.
      • Design factors and choices.
    • Development.
      • Game mechanics and processes.
      • Play-testing and Test Exercises.
      • Scenario development.
    • A Look Forward to Execution.
    • Games Fair session 1.
    • Keynote address. Volko Ruhnke and Brian Train. Award winning authors of the acclaimed COIN Series of games.
    • Games Fair session 2.
  • Day 3. Thursday 6 September
    • Execution.
      • Wargaming uses.
      • Wargaming Case Study.
      • Adjudication.
      • Automation - break out and demonstrations.
    • Analysis.
      • Analysing wargames.
      • Data capture.
      • Lessons identified from the analysis of the 2017 Dire Straits megagame.
    • Validation.
      • Validating wargames.
      • Applying wargaming lessons identified to the real world.
    • Refinement.
      • Making wargames better.
      • Sharing best practice.
    • Facilitation. A hands-on learning experience.
Disclaimer: While we make every effort to ensure the programme takes place as listed, many of the participants are working for Government Agencies. Occasionally higher priority work might prevent them attending - like war, natural disaster, election interference, etc. We are sorry if that happens (on so many levels).